radiation effects of mobile phones

Radiation Effects of Mobile Phones 2022

The use of technology is making it easier for our everyday life, as technology is becoming a threat to our health day by day. So, as we cannot move away from technology, we cannot survive from harm.

radiation effects of mobile phones
radiation effects of mobile phones

In that case, we should find alternative ways of protecting us from the serious harm of technology. One of the many different technologies we use – such as mobile, computer, network, internet etc., produces a harmful ray called “Radiation” which is terrible damaging to human health. Day by day people are being affected by radiation loss. So today we will know about radiation keys and some harmful aspects of technology.

What is radiation?

The literal meaning of radiation is radiation. It’s a kind of harmful ray. Generally, the power can be transported in two ways. One is through a specific transport and the other is through radiation. The medium of radiation creation is mobile, computer, and network. At present people cannot live without this technology. Due to which radiation is affecting the human body.

What is mobile radiation?

Mobile phones are basically a two-way transmitter, which can take both information and payment. When a mobile phone wants to send information, it will take the nearest station to the web and then release it again to the specified level. Radiation originates even when transmitting the web.

Radiation can also spread to mobile base stations. In our country, various mobile operators have installed their base stations on the roof of various houses. In this case, those who live in the respective houses are likely to be harmed. Radiation is the connectivity of the mobile towers that we see for the mobile network. Radiation is generated through these mobile connections through mobile connections.

Mobile Radiation Keys Are Fearless?

The frequency of mobile phones that are currently being used in our country is 1800 MHz 1900 MHz Grameenphone, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, Banglalink services are using these 1,800 MHz and Citycell uses 1900 MHz The frequency of radiation is more likely to be as high as the frequency used.

The amount of radiation that a person will take on a mobile phone will depend more on the service provider depending on the specific mobile set. In this case, the matter of price of mobile sets is also a matter. The type of set that limits the radiation levels, the cost of the sets also exceeds the eye.

And such low-cost mobile sets have the potential to be higher in radiation. Radiation is produced only when the mobile set decreases the capacity of the ladder to Never. Sometimes the ear head becomes hot when you talk more about the mobile. This is only due to radiation.

What is Computer Radiation?

There is no difference between the current computer technology and mobile technology. But I have been infected with radiation in different ways. Such as monitor radiation, network radiation, etc. which are very harmful for health. We need to know some of the major damage to the human body due to radiation.

What is the harmful effect of . due to human? Discuss.

Medical scientists have agreed to prove that the effects of radiation on the mobile phone are harmful. Their studies have shown that radiation stimulates the possibility of getting high blood pressure from brain tumors.

Radiation also has a special effect in the eye, due to radiation; we remain in the eye of various problems. Mobile phone radiation can also produce brain cancer. Radiation is an effect that can increase its losses by increasing the temperature in parts of the ears and eyes.

A recent study by the United States shows that the radiation released from the mobile phone may cause nerve damage, eye-catching, blood-related material changes. Even the body’s immune deficiencies may decrease and occur as losses. Electro Magnificent Radiation of Mobile This blood pressure increases in the circulatory blood vessels, raising the possibility of mobile users becoming cardiovascular.

It can also damage memory. Bone marrow damage the mobile phone to the waist, and the book pocket mobile phone causes heart problems. Sensitive cells of the human head have a greater effect on mobile radiation. This can make the head jiggle.

After the mobile radiation that is harming us, do we reduce the use of technology? Actually reducing the use of technology is not possible. We need to find alternate methods to survive radiation. Then we will be safe, our future generation will be safe. Even after all these discussions, it is very difficult to prove that any kind of technology is completely safe for us. So, people cannot stay away from technology or mobile technology.


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