how to fix mobile network problem

How to Fix Mobile Network Problems

We are constantly in the midst of various problems of mobile, one of them is the mobile network problem. Today we will know about some common issues related to the mobile network. So let’s know some issues and solutions related to the mobile network.

No Cover is actually in the mobile Phone network display:

No cover letter can be found on the mobile phone display, with a mobile phone set, if someone goes out of the network coverage. There is also another reason why someone else goes out of the text to get the text, but for another reason this may be written in the display. In this case, the mobile set cannot be fixed properly. The software will have to solve this problem. There are different types of software available in your mobile phone. Or go to a service center and fix it with the software.

Call end in the mobile display is actually:

If any part of the set becomes Unsolder in the set, then such text may be available. In this case, all parts of the network section can be solved if re-solder is good enough with Hotairgun.

The mobile network is low and never again:

The problem is that more brands are seen in the brand. In particular, China’s worst quality brands are seen in mobile. In this case, Gaza will have to shorten the connection with antenna switch. Otherwise, the 2nd IF filter meter should be measured by X1K, if it goes above 10, there will be no network. In this case, I would like to see the second IF filter short. This solution will also be applicable to the network or to the network.

No Mobile Network Display:

Errors are almost common problems. It can be due to network operators and the worst quality is seen in mobile phones. In this case, in the above rule, Gazi ware will have to shorten the connection with the antenna switch. If not, then the 2nd IF filter meter should be measured by X1K, if the network goes above 10, then there will be no network. In this case, the second IF filter will be shortened. This solution will also be applicable to the network or to the network. Once again, the internal network of the network can be such antenna connection disappeared.

Writing Emergency Call 112, SOS etc. is actually:

If you do not have SIM support for mobile or if there is a problem with SIM, then there may be problems in the SIM Socket. For this, sockets should be welded properly with iron legs. If required, then the seams and sockets should be rubbed through the series.

 Please enter the SIM or Please Claque SIM display, in fact:

If this is written in the case of the SIM in the mobile set, then first you will need to connect the SIM and then simulate the pins and connect them properly. Then the SIM will again have to look again. If you do not solve it, then understand that the problem is for the SIM socket. In that case, if you need to see if the SIM socket feet are OK, you need to change the SIM socket. Click here to know the SIM socket change rules.

Call comes but does not call:

The call comes but the call cannot be made from the mobile setting. You can become free from yourself. In that case, the settings will be checked first. Then the antenna switch and RX / TX combiner or Duplexer’s feet will be fueled. Then will solve this problem.

The break came when the conversation broke.

Speak on mobile If the problem of noise is usually due to the problem, most of the problems are due to the work of the network. If the SMS is due to your mobile network operator then the operator will have to change. And if your mobile network operator is okay then this problem can be caused by a remote network. Or if the normal filter is broken then break the broken comes even then. Reselling the filter section of the mobile to the network section. If it is not right then you have to change it. To find out more about mobile category search.

 The call is cut at the time of incoming:

If the problem of mobile phone calls is due to the problem, then if there is a problem with this, then the Rx / TX Companion or Duplexer’s receiver’s reception foot may be unsolder. If there are no two parts, then Coupler or I.F.I.C will be re-solder.

No Access Text In Mobile Phone Display:

Generally some of the band’s mobile phones have such problems. In this case, IF F.I.C. 17 feet should be welded. And with that the CPU will be able to lighten it properly. That means, the CPU of the mobile phone will be sent to the hotairguns with the help of a sealed packing.

Discuss the common problems of the mobile network. It is almost common problem of mobile, because these are some of the basic problems, please stay with me for more details. I have arranged to inform you of every issue of mobile phone. I hope you will be useful

So long as we discussed the problems and solutions of the set network, now we will discuss the problem of any part of the network section, if there is a problem, then the Roughly will come across a whole concept of our network section. Let’s see if there is a problem of a part, I try to get some basic idea.

Problems and solutions of different parts:

Network Amplifier: If this partition is broken, then there will be no access written or maybe the GP-2 sign will appear in the display.

Solution: If there is a Network Amplifier problem, then No Access is available. Network Amplifier Body can be disposed of with foot or it can be opened with soldering paste, if the change is not correct then the part should be changed.

Antenna Switch: Antenna Switch If the item is broken, the call will not come or not, so will it happen.

Solution: In this case, the parts of antenna switch should be welded, or if the parts have to be changed.

I.F.I.C will not have a network if this part is broken. I.F.I.C. radio produces Intermediate Frequency from IF.I.C. Many parts of the mobile phone will stop if the OSSC or local acidifier is broken. Voice Mail, Massage, and even Internet Service cannot be used for this. Solution: This part is not easily wasted and if it is broken it will be changed.

RX / RX Combiner: The RX / RX Combiner does not crash anytime, the welding of the normal can be opened. If the RX / RX Combiner is broken, the power of the set will be off.

Solution: RX / RX Combiner sealing should be welded well.

2nd IF filters: Second IF filter will reduce the network of mobile sets, and sometimes there will be no network.

Coupler: Coupler is used for networking. If the coupler is broken, then the set network will not be available.

13. M.H Cristal: 13. M.H Cristal has 2 legs within. Normally these feet are broken and the set network is not resolved. In this case, sealing is done 13. M.H Cristal legs should be fixed.

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