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To learn mobile phone repairing, first to know the history of mobile phone inventions. Because if you want to do cell phone repair training then you need to know basic issues. So today we will know the history of mobile.

Mobile telephones started as automatic and wireless telecommunication system in the late 1940s. Although the discovery of this technology and its effectiveness was being studied more than a few days ago.

However, in the year 1940, cell phones were first introduced commercially. And then through a variety of changes and modifications, mobile phone technology gradually gets full. And now the use of appraisal is increasing. Get More Cell Phone Repair information’s click Hare

Invention History of Cell Phone

But it is incredible to believe that since the launch of mobile technology in the 1940s, there has been a huge change in mobile technology in the last 70 years. It can be said that the best invention of the present is the cell phone. Thousands of technologies are currently being added to the cell phone today. For this reason, the importance of cell phone repair training in the day is going to be important.

There is no limit on where the cell phone’s history will go. There is no current cell phone technology that has not been used. If you see a cell phone then you see how many technologies have been used in a cell phone.

The telecommunication system started with the loading coil and vacuum tube discovery, many years of waiting for the cell phone to reach wireless or wireless technology. In particular, after the discovery of microprocessors and digital switching technology, scientists began to think of the first wireless cell phone technology. Soon the start of cell phone technology

Bell System in cellular phone technology

At the time, the world’s most advanced telecommunication system, Bell System, was the first to show interest in cellular phone technology. But they were not interested in it. There were many reasons why they did not take the issue seriously. The main reason for this is that the services offered to customers in the limited length of the wave were not very advanced and available.

Because then it was regulated that with a number of coordinated communications systems whose inability to control and control was standing in the way of the popularity of this technology. This led to the delay in the arrival of mobile technology in America.

Impact on Japan and Europe

On the other hand, due to the government’s regulatory control over telephone companies in Europe and Japan, mobile technology became popular even after a while in America. America has also done a lot of research on eco-tourism.

In particular, mobile technology originated in Japan. Many researchers in Japan have begun to work with mobile telephonic service through mobile technology. Needless to say that many people are known as Wiki Technology. Talk about radio or radio technology when it comes to discussing mobile phone history. Mobile technology started from radio.

Because today we are using mobile or cell phone technology. The idea of ​​the mobile was that the idea of ​​radio and the invention of wireless technology was largely invented by the mobile phone innovation.

To know about cell phone repair tuning, I need to know about the history of cell phones so that I am so proud to discuss. If you do not know the history of mobile, then the training issue will be defective.

History of the invention of wireless technology

There is more to say about the discovery of cell phones – the history of discovering wireless technology is not the result of any single effort. He was much more worried about the invention of the cell phone, he said in the 1920’s, when this trend began with the discovery of the electro-magnetism of Christian Webbed, and after the efforts of more than a dozen scientists, in 1897 it got its fullness from Murkini.

At the same time, due to the absence of mutual communication between the scientists and the lack of continuous research, several scientists have been seen individually engaged in the same work. As a result, the work of innovation has become very slow.

Although various scientists tried various times in the field of wireless technology, the first selfish effort in this regard can be seen from the scientist Morse. Get More Cell Phone Repair information’s click Hare

Transmit the first successful wireless signal

He can transmit the first successful wireless signal. As his telegram technology gained popularity for transmitting signals, he tried to send signals through water for its more extensive spread. For this reason, he tried to pull wire under the water of Iceland and Castle Garden in New York.

But before proceeding to the test, he was caught by a ship and his ware was torn off. At that time, he took the intention of sending signals without alternate methods. He tried to use water as a signal transporter of Morse wire. This method is known as the process of wireless signal transmission. Although this process is not completely successful, it is capable of creating a new type of signal transmission.

But after the mores of the scientists again trying to improve the signal transmissions via wire, wireless technology is back again. Although Morse was the first to receive wireless signals through water, the first successful conveyance was sent by air to the dentist Dr. Lemis of Virginia. As a result of this research, the technology has been getting accustomed.

Able to transmit wireless signals

From 1866 to 1873 he conducted various studies. And at this time, he was able to send wireless signals up to 18 miles. For this purpose, he chose Cohocton and Beorse Deer to name two hillocks from two mountains,

At the same time, two similar kite flights, were made of cylindrical frames, and they were connected to wire machines through metal wire. That is, he used the source code to send the signal. Get More Cell Phone Repair information’s click Hare

An advanced version of Dr. Lumis’ experiments that we use today’s metallic antenna on radio, television, mobile phones. Now the technology of these antennas is being used so advanced in the day.

The first telephone subscriber

After the introduction of Dr. Lumis, the technology of wireless technology has been reformed by scientists Edison and scientist Hagas. Among them, scientist Hagas is called the first call customer of mobile telephones.

We almost noticed that during the radio era, when a bell blazer or a fluorescent lamp lit or a car started near the radio, a pattern on the radio was created in the form of a pot-pote and there was a temporary disruption during radio broadcasting. This poison is called Radio Frequency Interference or briefly called RFI. Morse signals can be sent to a specific distance by on-off RFI sources.

Scientist Haggs noticed these issues in his studies and sent signals with it. He was able to send his signage up to about 63 yards of length. As a result, cell phone technology continues to grow. Scientist Haggs could not send the message through his machine, but due to the technical harmony, he was called the first mobile call customer.

First to win the message

And Alexander Graham Bell, the scientist, was the first to win the message, but it was the medium of cable. So he is called the inventor of the telephone but cannot be called the invention of mobile telephones. Rather, it was far ahead of Dr. Martin Cooper On October 17, 1973, he applied for patent applications from Motorola Company for a technology called Radio Telephone System.

Today’s cell phone has improved the technology of this technology. So Dr. Martin Cooper is called the father of the cell phone. On 1 May 1974, the American Federal Communication Commission (FFC) or the Concerned Communication Association, used to establish 2300 channels for the use of cellular telephones and an additional 115 MHz of wave length. Later, in 1975, the FFC allowed the Bell system to start experimental cellular phones for the first time.

Cellular telephone marketing

In May of 1948, Bahraini Telephone Company Betelco was the first to sell commercially cellular telephones for personal use. But it was analog nature and it is better to call mobile cellular radios because it is not a mobile phone. Because these phones used a fixed 400 MHz band like the radio.

In July of 1978, Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS) was launched in North America. During this time, the Bell System and the AT & T jointly developed about 21000 square miles of area in Chicago.

Customers were offered cell phones for the use of cars. Later in December 1979, similar facilities were introduced in Japan in 23 districts of Tokyo. And in five years it became easy for almost all the cities of Japan.

Discovering technology in America

Although America contributes to the invention of mobile technology, Japan contributes more to its development. Of course, there were many reasons behind this. Among them, Japan was much ahead of the transistor.

Firstly AT & T was not too hard after the invention of the tangent. Any company could use the transistor’s patent for $ 2500 from Bell Company. Japanese companies accept this facility.

Helped Japanese companies in technical

The Japanese government’s support also helped Japanese companies in technical studies. As a result, in the late sixties, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone or NTT developed cellular systems in Japan using complete diagnostic tools. At the same time, Japanese scientists experimented with other researchers of the world and experimented with themselves.

With the introduction of integrated circuits, they were able to bring several thousand transistors in a single chip. It improves the quality of various instruments, as well as their quality improvement. As a result, in 1980, Richard Anderson, General Manager of America’s leading company Hewlett Packard, decided to import 300,000 chips from Japan instead of the United States.

Discover digital signal processors

In the year 1983, the American Texas Instrument Single Chip discovered digital signaling process. It is briefly known as DSP. DSP’s work is like a computer’s micro-processor. With this help, about five million signals are operated in one second.

A DSP usually consists of several single circuit coordinates. Which is able to compress any message. As a result, a call in the radio band occupies much less space and simultaneously provides network access to more than one subscriber.

In 1983, Canada’s cellular service introduced a different service than AMPS. He called it Aurora400 System. With the help of this technology, it could be possible to bring a broad area under mobile services, but its capacity was very low.

Nordic Mobile Telephone or NMT

Aurora400 comes next to the system Nordic Mobile Telephone or NMT technology. The mobile telephonic company is the first to use multinational mobile services. NMT has started operations in 450 MHz in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Other technologies that are popular after NMT are Total Access Communication System or TACS, CNetz, Radiocom-2000, RTML RTMS etc. Most of these technologies are not currently used anymore. And instead of the technology that is being used now, it is GSM technology.

Special Mobile or GSM

A group of 26 top phone companies in Europe were called Group Special Mobile or GSM due to the development of this technology. At present, GSM is meant to be Global System for Mobile Communication. In December 1988, Japan’s Postal and Telecommunication Ministry terminated the business of mobile phone service NTT Monopoly.

In 1989, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ERSI) took over the responsibility of improving GSM technology. It released the first GSM recommendations in 1990. The frequency of digital cellular system is 1.8 GHz.

Currently GSM PCS

Currently GSM Pcs 1800 and 1900 are running in the whole world. There are GSM networks in almost all countries of the world. The world’s estimated 700+ networks are getting around 700 million GSM mobile phone services. In the meantime, the world’s first 3G uses Japan. Which is now spreading in the world. 4G 5G has expanded beyond 3G praxis

Mobile technology is now being used in almost all countries because the use of this technology has made people suffer many benefits. As a result, the use of mobile technology is increasing in many ways. In fact, it is the first thing to know about the topic involved in cell phone repair training. Thus every day technology is expanding. Find mobile category for more details about mobile repair. Get More Cell phone repair information’s click Hare

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